Jewish students need more nuanced Israel education

McMaster Hillel student Dani Wohl on why traditional Israel education is no longer serving Jewish students

Executive function skills: Why they matter and how they help

At NowWhat Support Services, a comprehensive therapeutic clinic in Ancaster, we work one-on-one and in groups to help kids, teens and adults identify their blind spots and find life hacks and self-regulation strategies to gain efficiency, competence and confidence in their day-to-day lives.

The many faces of Dennis Nash

Dennis Nash, now 72, and retired, is many things. A teacher of the deaf, a convert to Judaism, and an expert in Holocaust education. He also happens to be Wayne Gretzky’s favourite elementary school teacher.

The dreidel may be Judaism's greatest irony

The term chinuch, meaning education, is the root of the word Chanukah, and the dreidel is used to teach many Jewish lessons. Every aspect of the dreidel is an opportunity for another Jewish lesson.

Moussia's story

Hamilton's Rebecca Shapiro has written a children’s book about loss and grief that’s for everyone.