Oppenheimer’s McMaster connection

In the voluminous archives of McMaster University, there are a significant number of archival records related to Oppenheimer, particularly his life following the 1954 security hearings and his relationships with members of the anti-nuclear movement formed in reaction to his life’s work.

Café Baffico: A destination bakery in Hamilton’s east end

Sourdough Chanukah donuts and pizza are among the delicious offerings at Jordan Weisz’ Café Baffico.

Saved by Wallenberg as an infant, a Toronto artist reclaims her past

Yvonne Singer was 34 when she discovered her Jewish identity and connection to Second World War hero Raoul Wallenberg.

A different attic and a different ending

Local high school student tracks down the Jewish siblings who were saved by his great grandfather during the Holocaust.

Loewith family realizes dream of on-site dairy


Summit Station brings back home delivery of farm-fresh products and seeks to become a major agritourism destination in the area.