Childhood friend recalls last days with Anne Frank

Through some coincidences, I learned that a relative, Nanette, was one of Anne Frank’s friends! I emailed Nanette, and sent the link to my English cousins. Nanette wrote that her mother and my paternal grandmother were cousins, and that Nanette and I are second cousins.

My Jewish Hamilton

The kibitzing was only a prelude for what can best be described as the “Field of Screams” down at Churchill Park, where much of the community descended upon sandy, sometimes muddy fields for Sunday morning baseball.

Dispelling urban health myths

Influenced by social media, the media at large or lay “health experts” perpetuating urban health myths, many people are misinformed about issues that directly affect their health.

A personal reflection on Let’s Talk Day

We need to talk about how mental illness impacts us all, given that statistics show one in five of us will suffer from mental illness and, fearing judgment and rejection, two-thirds of those will struggle in silence.

Kehila: a personal plea

All four of my daughters attended Kehila JCDS. The youngest is currently a student in Grade 4. While it is my deepest hope that she graduate from Kehila, like her sisters, that may not be possible.