Slaves to the inbox

Even Israelite slaves, hauling bricks for Egypt’s infrastructure program, didn’t feel pressured to check email after hours.

Assisted Dying: A doctor's perspective

I am a family physician and have been involved with MAiD assessments and provisions since June 2016. I did this because I believe my role as a physician is to relieve suffering and provide compassionate care.

A family's experience with assisted dying

While it is always sad to say goodbye, we chose to make my father’s final days a celebration of a life well lived.

Does God sing

I went straight to the question, without beating around the (burning) bush: “Can you sing?”. God immediately became quite pensive, with one hand stroking his long white beard (he was quite old), and a look of tranquility on his face.

So this is Christmas

Human beings are conformists by nature. If everyone else is caroling, we feel we should be caroling too.