Why Ukraine must prevail

Two members of Hamilton's Jewish community who immigrated to Canada from the Former Soviet Union weigh in on Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

A delayed but meaningful rite of passage

Cross-generational B’nai Mitzvah ceremony was both a bonding experience and point of connection to a family’s past.

Feeling old on my birthday

Now I have a regular birthday like everyone else. Life’s not fair. And I just keep getting older. But as they say, it’s better than the alternative

Ode to superficial relationships

Who am I kidding? The main purpose of this excursion is not shopping. My ultimate goal is to run into an acquaintance, any acquaintance, and start a conversation.

My second exodus

As a child, Rachel Weinper's family were forced into exile from Egypt. Decades later she embarked on a much happier exodus from Toronto to Israel