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Grit Laskin

Social activist, singer-songwriter, author and world-renowned guitar maker, Grit Laskin, was among the most recent recipients of an Order of Canada.  Laskin, who was born and raised in Hamilton, modestly refers to himself as a "problem solver," whose life experience has taught him that "one…

Ora Markstein

Wendy Schneider
The Hamilton Jewish News
February 2008

If great art is a reflection of the artist's soul, than the sculptures of Ora Markstein tell the story of a woman whose diminutive physical stature is contrasted by a force of nature so powerful that neither the Holocaust nor a life…

The healing power of art

September 2013
by Ben Shragge

In 2000, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 20 to be World Refugee Day. To help raise awareness about the challenges faced by refugees in Hamilton, Israeli-born art therapist Hana Pinthus presented her work at the Central Library's Gallery 4 last…