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The Bean Bar turns 20

As The Bean Bar celebrates its 20th anniversary, Debbie Molot explains why her passion for the Westdale landmark is as strong as ever.

A brave portrayal of one woman’s struggle with mental illness

Sexual abuse. Drug addiction. Human trafficking. Mental illness. Street life. Robin Zee has lived through them all.

Book Review: An Ordinary Hero by David S. New

Readers will enjoy this riveting narrative of how a Jewish boy from Hamilton realized his dream of becoming a pilot, was shot down in France and evaded the Nazis to reach Gibraltar, then returned to lead airmen in war.

The Judaizing of Yoga Practice

Wendy Schneider
The Hamilton Jewish News
May 10, 2004


During the latter part of the 20th century, up until present times, thousands of western spiritual seekers have been looking to eastern religions and disciplines to satisfy their thirst for an accessible and more gratifying form of s…