Fresh hope runs through Shalom Village

Feb. 2021
Steve Arnold

Fresh hope runs through Shalom Village today—hope that the COVID-19 outbreak that killed 20 residents and sickened hundreds may soon be ending.

Ken Callaghan, who has been CEO of the Macklin Street North campus for barely a month, dares to voice that hope. His evid…

Hamilton rabbis condemn racist telephone messages

Hamilton’s rabbis have joined in condemning racist telephone messages directed at a city councillor.

Shalom Village CEO announces arrival of second COVID shot for residents

Shalom Village residents will get their second shots of the COVID-19 vaccine Feb. 2, bringing the complex a step closer to ending the outbreak that has claimed 20 lives.

Shalom Village residents receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Shalom Village residents are getting potentially life-saving COVID-19 vaccine. The medicine arrived Tuesday to applause and cheers from residents of the long-term care facility where a vicious outbreak has claimed 19 lives since December.

Shalom Village continues to struggle with outbreak

Two more Shalom Village residents have died as the Hamilton nursing home struggles to get through a COVID-19 outbreak.