Shalom Village's COVID outbreak officially over

Feb. 6, 2021
Steve Arnold

The deadly COVID-19 outbreak at Shalom Village has been declared officially over.

Hamilton’s public health department informed the home’s management of the good news early Friday evening.

In a news release CEO Ken Callaghan said plans are being developed for …

No more active cases at Shalom Village

Feb. 3, 2021
Steve Arnold

There are no active cases of COVID-19 infections among Shalom Village residents.

Chief executive officer Ken Callaghan delivered the good news Wednesday to the weekly meeting of residents and families, but cautioned it could be weeks before the deadly outbreak at …

Meet Shalom Village's new CEO

Feb. 2021
Steve Arnold

Ken Callaghan took over as chief executive officer of Shalom Village when the home was at the lowest point in its history.

By Jan. 4, when Callaghan took on his new job, the global COVID-19 pandemic had infected 151 Shalom Village residents and staff. Nine had alread…

Fresh hope runs through Shalom Village

Feb. 2021
Steve Arnold

Fresh hope runs through Shalom Village today—hope that the COVID-19 outbreak that killed 20 residents and sickened hundreds may soon be ending.

Ken Callaghan, who has been CEO of the Macklin Street North campus for barely a month, dares to voice that hope. His evid…

Hamilton rabbis condemn racist telephone messages

Hamilton’s rabbis have joined in condemning racist telephone messages directed at a city councillor.