Palestinian flag posted at neighbourhood Starbucks

Starbucks customers at the company’s York Boulevard store were treated to a call for Palestinian solidarity along with their Frappuccino and pricey coffees Saturday.

Hamilton rabbis express horror at killing of Muslim family in London

June 11, 2021
Steve Arnold

Hamilton’s rabbis have joined the national chorus of shock and horror at the killing of a Muslim family in London.

In a letter of solidarity issued this week six religious leaders and the chief executive of the Hamilton Jewish Federation said the entire commun…

Hamilton rabbis issue statement of solidarity with Indigenous community

June 7, 2021
Steve Arnold

Hamilton’s rabbis have joined a nation-wide shudder of revulsion at the discovery of the bodies of 215 Native children at a former residential school site in British Columbia.

In a joint solidarity statement released recently, the pulpit rabbis called on aut…

Jewish community holds online prayer rally

May 17, 2021
Steve Arnold

Hamilton police were on high alert around Jewish facilities on the weekend as thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators poured into the streets.

Unlike the protests at Toronto’s Nathan Philips Square where a Jewish man and woman were assaulted, however, the Ham…

The mayor takes a stand

Mayor Fred Eisenberger’s abhorrence of discrimination of any kind finds expression in his adoption of a new definition of antisemitism.