The wait is over

by Joy Pekar, Special to the Hamilton Jewish News


I am so thrilled to be able to share this story with you of the greatest Mitzvah, the gift of life.  On February 20th my husband, Arie Pekar’s life was forever changed thanks to the generosity of good friend Darren Kudlats, who donate…

The waiting game

Much has changed since Joy and Arie Pekar first went public a year ago about Arie’s need to find a kidney donor. At that time the couple was hoping to avoid his going on dialysis in the face of deteriorating genetic kidney disease.  A year later, blessed with a new baby, whose early arriv…

Gatekeepers to Judaism

How do our community rabbis respond when potential converts come knocking? 

"I'm interested in converting to Judaism," the caller says. The number of times Hamilton's three congregational rabbis receive that kind of call is surprisingly high. Temple Anshe Sholom's Rabbi Jordan Cohen gets a…

Waiting For A Helping Hand

Waiting for a Helping Hand
Wendy Schneider
Hamilton Jewish News
July 2013

Do children with special needs deserve equal access to a Jewish education? If you answered yes, than ask yourself,  who should pay for it?  

Over the last two decades there has been a dramat…