Liberal Jewish ideology and Israel

A report on Barbara and Jonathan Kay's debate on liberal Jewish ideology and Israel.

Helping special needs families navigate the system

Rina Rodak and Milena Romalis have teamed up to provide other parents with the benefit and wisdom of their experience in raising a special needs child.

Moved by moral imperative

The plight of Syrian refugees has had a particularly strong impact on Jewish Canadians, many of whom see their own past reflected in the surge of mostly Muslim refugees fleeing war and tyranny in the Middle East.

The evolution of Shalom Village

Shalom Village has been doing a lot of imagining lately, having been told by the provincial government that they have 10 years to put in place a plan that will see the original building brought up to new government standards.

JCC building up for sale

Hamilton’s Jewish Community Centre will soon have a new home. A virtual one.