A Sar-el Canada veteran returns for the third time

April 2023
Max Rams

My name is Max Rams, and for me this was my third time coming back to Israel volunteering with SAR EL. Each experience  with Sar EL  has had both similarities and differences. Similar in that I was there to help do things that the IDF needed done so that soldiers could…

Sar-El Canada is up and running

April 2023
Gord Garshowitz

Sar-El Canada has resumed sending Canadians, who wish to volunteer on Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) maintenance bases, to their programs in Israel, despite the recent efforts of some activist groups.  Two articles in this Hamilton  Jewish News features Canadians…

Sar-el Canada reopens to overseas volunteers

For Ruth McCrae, her time as a Sar-el volunteer on an IDF base was the most meaningful way to experience Israel

When the Maestro crashed the Sharm El Sheikh summit

Red Sea diving pioneer Howard Rosenstein had some unique experiences during his years operating in Sharm El Sheikh, including the day Menachem Begin, Anwar Sadat and Leonard Bernstein came to town.

A first-hand observation of JNF Canada’s impact in Israel

The number and variety of projects JNF supports is truly overwhelming.