Israeli teacher’s pandemic pivot has far-ranging impact

Rachel Korazim’s Hebrew poetry classes have sustained hundreds of devoted followers during pandemic period.

Luxury retirement in Israel beckons

In Israel, Anglo olim (new immigrants) are expressing interest in a brand-new concept for senior living.

Volunteers spearhead efforts to feed Israel’s hungry

Leket Israel — the National Food Bank — rescues and distributes surplus cooked food and agricultural produce from hotels, corporate cafeterias, IDF army bases and farms, to 246,000 Israelis in need weekly, through 330 nonprofit partner agencies.

The 'shadow' pandemic of domestic violence

The drastic increase in intimate partner and domestic abuse is hitting close to home with a rise in domestic violence complaints across the Hamilton area.

Not your everyday Israel tour

Kaleidoscope represents the Jewish Agency’s new approach to tourism, with a focus on the vital relationship between Israeli society and diaspora Jews.