The Rebirth of a Shul

The Rebirth of a Shul

Steve Arnold
Special to the Hamilton Jewish News
November 2010

Beth Jacob recreates itself for a new era

Five years ago, the outlook was clear and grim. Beth Jacob Synagogue, former co-president John Levy concluded, "was on the path to being gone, and that upset me v…

When Scrap was Golden

When Scrap was Golden
Stephen Arnold
Hamilton Jewish News
June 2012
Hamilton Scrap Families recall the Golden Age of Scrap Metal

Ellen Hoffman outlines the location of Jewish scrap yards
Jewish history is filled with tales of people who, barred from most other trades and professions, bui…

Ottawa Street then and now

September 2013
by Wendy Schneider

They're selling perfume and chocolate in Saul Eisenberg's former store on Ottawa Street. The one-time proprietor of Liberty House Furniture still enjoys an occasional stroll through the neighbourhood that launched him into a successful entrepreneur back in …

The golden years of Jewish Hamilton

Whether it was good corned beef, a new pair of shoes, tires for the family car, a mink stole or printed invitations for that special family event, everything a family could want was once available from a Jewish merchant in downtown Hamilton.

The Jewish Voice of Hamilton preserved

The Hebrew type used to print Hamilton’s only Yiddish-language newspaper will be displayed at the University of Toronto’s Massey Library.