Sam Brownstone

In a career that spanned 35 years, Sam Brownstone's impact on a generation of Jewish Hamiltonians can scarcely be measured.  

For Brownstone, Jewish communal work was nothing less than a calling, and 50 years down the road, those who were on the receiving end of his attention and devotion,…

Ben Shekter

On Thursday July 4, 2013 our father, Benjamin B. Shekter passed away one month short of his 98th birthday.   It was the end of a generation of Shekters who were all born and raised in their beloved city of Hamilton.

Ben, a first generation Hamiltonian, the third child of James and Lilli…

Joe Singer

Joseph Baronislaw Singer was born in Kracow, Poland on March 5, 1924.  His relatively genteel family life was overturned in the fall of 1939 when Poland was invaded from the west by Nazi Germany and from the east by the Soviet Union.  As an officer in the Polish army, Joseph's father, Caro…

Hellen Yellin

Born August 7, 1922 in Hamilton.  Died September 15, 2012 in Hamilton.

It's September 1926.

The streets of many major cities in North America are swelling with immigrants, mostly from Europe.  Those who have come to Canada have two things in common: they want a better li…

Riding away the stigma of mental illness

Starting July 15, Danielle Berman will cycle from Vancouver to Hamilton to support mental health awareness.