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Close to the heart... the Dundas Studio Tour

This year's tour takes place Oct. 2 and 3, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at four locations in the heart of Dundas.

Schitt’s Creek: a quintessential "Jews of no religion" story

Schitt’s Creek, co-created by real-life father-son duo Eugene and Daniel Levy, is also fundamentally about Jewish identity. Critics who ignore or simply miss the Jewishness of the characters fail to appreciate this key aspect of the show’s inclusive reach and appeal to diverse viewers.

How the world has changed for LGBTQ+ Jews

The Lillimans were among a group of queer Hamilton Jews who shared their stories of seeking acceptance as part of the closing event of the first Jewish-LGBTQ+ Festival.

An excerpt from Gary Barwin’s imaginative new novel

Gary Barwin’s latest book, Nothing the Same, Everything Haunted, explores genocide, persecution, colonialism and masculinity with characteristic irony.

Hamilton and Windsor present online Jewish Film Festival

The Jewish Federations of Hamilton and Windsor are collaborating this May on a joint online Jewish Film Festival.