COVID-19 journal

A community blog on dealing with the COVID-19 crisis

We are so lucky

June 2020
Abigail Cukier

I always tell my kids to make the best of things. They know that when we find ourselves somewhere we don’t want to be or doing something we don’t want to do, they will hear me say those words. It’s what we’re trying to do these days.
We work, we do school, …

The cruelty of COVID

May 14, 2020
Barry Rosen

Like most people, I never expected Covid 19 to happen. And when it began, I never expected it to affect my wife Leslie and I in the way that it has.  

Being unable to go to a movie, live performance, or art gallery is certainly an inconvenience. However, it’…

Practicing resilience

May 17, 2020 
Brenda Burjaw

Today marks 64 days of working from home and living under the rules of physical distancing and staying in place.
I’ve always believed that while there are so many areas in life that we cannot control, we can control our actions and attitudes.  I choose to lo…

COVID confusion

May 2, 2020
Harvey Starkman

I was born in 1947; that makes me 55, right?
Okay, I know that Math isn’t my best subject. 
My rational self knows that I’m not 55, but I feel 55. On really good days, I feel even younger. I cycle to work; I negotiated my first climbing wall not so long ago; …