Finding light in the darkness

A Dundas mom shares some Chanukah light in these difficult days.

Israeli Canadians feel compelled to act

Israeli Canadians Hana Rothschild and Niv Shimshon find ways to contribute to their homeland in her time of need.

Three doctors from Hamilton volunteer with Magen David Adom

Three doctors from Hamilton rushed to Israel during the second week of the war to serve on Magen David Adom ambulance teams.

War unifies community

Fundamental aspects of Jewish life here in our community and around the world have been challenged by the Oct. 7 massacre and all that has happened since.

A new year at McMaster Hillel

Sept. 2023
Rabbi Ben Shefter

A new year means new opportunities, new friends and new dreams at Hillel McMaster, and a new school year ushers in another year of transforming the next generation of leaders. From the first day, Hillel McMaster welcomes first-year students by helping them move …