The Shpiel on Crisis Leadership

There is nothing quite like a crisis to test a person’s leadership abilities. Leading through times of uncertainty and volatility demands that leaders harness their intelligence and resourcefulness to guide others effectively, while also digging deep inside themselves to find the courage to keep going forward. When Jason Waxman took on the Hamilton Jewish Federation presidency as the youngest president in recent memory a little more than a year ago, he knew the volunteer position would make great demands on his time, but the events of Oct. 7 required him to step up in ways he could hardly have imagined. Victoria Mancinelli, director of public relations, marketing and strategic partnerships at LiUNA, is not Jewish, but this fearless and outspoken woman who calls herself an unapologetic Zionist, has been a constant presence on social media over the last eight months, advocating for Israel and the Jewish community.   

Welcome to this two-part episode of the Shpiel on Hamilton featuring interviews with Jason Waxman and Victoria Mancinelli.

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