President's Award Susan and Paul Roth

The President’s Award is presented to those who have shown exemplary, longstanding volunteer service to the Hamilton Jewish Federation. Federation president, Jacki Levin, is recognizing Susan and Paul Roth who have given selflessly of their time and wisdom over many years to ensure that Jewish life thrives in our city. 

Both Susan and Paul individually deserve this award, having been devoted contributors to Jewish life in Hamilton over many years.  They have given of their time and wisdom to ensure Jewish life on our city. They are truly unsung heroes of our community.

Paul served on a number of Federation Committees including the Personnel and Administration Committees. He also helped redraft the Federation By-laws. Paul served as UJA Federation Campaign Chair in along with Lester Krames. He sat for a number of years on the Federation Board of Directors helping to guide the community. He has been a member of Federation’s Allocation Committee for many years and still sits on that important committee.

Susan is currently chairperson of the Hamilton Jewish Family Services (formerly Hamilton Jewish Social Services). She has held the chairperson position for many years, tending to seniors and those in need in our community. In the last year Susan has overseen the introduction of a new CEO and many new programs. She has also been an important part of the community’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as the JFS leads the way in ensuring that the most vulnerable in our community are not forgotten.

Paul served on the Federation board for many years, chairing a UJA Campaign and played an essential role on several committees, including Federation’s Allocation Committee.

Susan and Paul have been inducted into Hamilton’s Book of Life. They care about our community, have worked hard to build the community and have also committed to ensure the future of our community. They are clearly deserving of the President’s Award and of all of our thanks.