Kehila Shem Tov Nominees Naomi Bernstein and Mike Dressler

With great pleasure and gratitude we nominate a dynamic couple, Naomi Bernstein and Mike Dressler for their significant contributions to Kehila Heschel School and our community. Since her oldest son Asher joined Kehila in 2014, Naomi has given tirelessly of herself as board member, and currently, as board chair.  Naomi has formed partnerships, shaped our vision, organized events, raised funds, and helped out in countless ways. For a parochial school to thrive, it takes people who give all they have and then find more to give. That is Naomi, and the school would not be what it is today without her.

Mike Dressler has served Kehila in many roles, including board member, treasurer, board chhair, and most recently, head of the Finance Committee.  Mike has applied his expertise, innovative ideas for fundraising, and hard work to successfully support the sustainability of our school.  We thank Mike for his key role in our success!


Quote from Mike and Naomi:
 “We feel that it is our responsibility and our job as parents to provide our children with quality Jewish education and we are prepared to dedicate ourselves to ensure that is possible.  Our hope is for our children to learn the values of giving back to our community and that they too take a leadership role as they grow older.”