JNF nominee Mark Levitt

JNF is pleased to nominate Mark Levitt for a Shem Tov award. We feel this is a recognition and public display of our appreciation that is long overdue.  As a member of our board of directors, we would be hard- pressed to recall an event or board meeting at which Mark was not present. He is present with a supportive and compassionate attitude and does not hesitate to step up. No task is too menial. All in all, this world could certainly benefit from more men like Mark Levitt!

From Mark Levitt:
"JNF has many great volunteers and staff members who inspire me to want to be part of something larger and to give back. My parents were always involved as volunteers in both the Jewish and the greater community and they set an example that I have always tried to live up. My wife, Sheila and I are both very active volunteers in many organizations. I am very happy that this tradition continues with my sons who have volunteered with me over the years."