HHA nominee Enza Naftali

The Hamilton Hebrew Academy, and many other organizations in our community, are privileged to be the beneficiaries of Enza Naftali's giving spirit.  Endowed with immense culinary talents, Enza is undaunted by any challenge.  Singlehandedly, she rises to the moment creating events for, at times, hundreds of participants - all the while, with a smile on her face and an unshakable spirit. Enza embraces life with an uplifting spirit.  Her supportive and dedicated husband, Zion, is always by her side assisting in every way.  Enza embodies all the attributes of incredible volunteer and an exceptional human being.  She is a role model for all.

Quote from Enza:

"The community is really an extension of my family.  Whether the family size is five people, or 250, that attitude makes it a labour of love.  I feel privileged to be able to give, in my own unique way to the children of the Hamilton Hebrew Academy, as so many others do in theirs."