Adas Israel Shem Tov Nominee Allen Rams

The Adas Israel is proud to honour Allen Rams with a Shem Tov award  Allen's dedication to community is unrivaled.  He is a visionary who is able to identify communal gaps and address critical needs. Over the years, he has spearheaded numerous causes around the community. His commitment to strengthening and securing our community on the front lines is inspiring. Together with his wife, Flora, their acts of kindness are too great to enumerate.


Quote from Allen:
"I enjoy talking to people. I go out of my way to engage others in talk. Everyone likes to talk, but many are afraid to start the conversation. "Shabbat Shalom." "Nice to See you." "We've missed you. Are you feeling well?"  These are words I use to greet people coming into the Adas Israel on Shabbat. They are a great start."