Answers to Blast from the Past Quiz

1 Temple Anshe Sholom,  founded by German Jews, was on Hughson Street; Beth Jacob Synagogue, founded by Lithuanian Jews, was known as the Hunter Street Shul;  Pictured is the Adas Israel, founded by Polish Jews,  and known as  the Cannon Street Shul.
2 Ferguson Avenue and Hess Street Shuls. The contents of the Hess Street Shul were transferred to Shalom Village.
3 Station 26 on the Hamilton beach strip.
5 The Chicken Roost, owned by Max Mintz. Menu included chicken on a bun, shrimp and lobster salad, apple and blueberry pies and butter tarts. 
5 Canada’s oldest JCC
6 The official opening of the Delaware Avenue JCC. The other gentleman is CHML founder Ken Soble.
7 Menachem Begin, Golda Meir
8 Paul Hanover. He worked at CHML.
9 Syd Levy
10 Rabbi Bernard Baskin, Rabbi Israel Silverman and Rabbi Morton Green. Rabbi Baskin just celebrated his 102nd birthday.
11 Dr. Harry Hotz
12 Rabbi Eugene Weiner, Prime Minister David Ben Gurion; others include Alan Silbert, Barry Smurlick, Howard Goldblatt, Paula Smurlick, Susan Levy, Pearl Koskey, Sasha Swaye, Libby Caplan, Robbie Gooblar,  Robert Till, Howard Goldstein, Michael Miller, Michaele-Sue Goldblatt, Susan Feldman
13 Sheila Burman
14 Hamilton’s “shule.” Yiddish
15 Ottawa Street.  Adlers, Home Outfitting, Union furniture, Adler’s, Dominion furniture, Zacks, Wunder furniture, Ontario Furniture and Liberty House Furniture
16 Ken Soble; “Tiny Talent Time”
17 These Czech Jewish refugees were admitted to Canada in 1938 under the assurance that they were Christian farmers. Their most famous descendants are the Loewith family.
18  Beloved Delaware Avenue JCC’s communal professionals athletic director Max Rotman, executive director of Council of Jewish Organizations, Bill Stern; JCC youth director, and in later years,  executive director, Sam Brownstone.
19 The Morris Black Public Speaking Contest at the Lower Lions Club Rd. JCC.
20 The CJO News
21 The Yiddish language newspaper, Jewish Voice of Hamilton, was published by  Henry Balinson
22 Members of Hamilton’s Talmud Torah pictured here include Rabbi Morton Green, Ms. Sylvia Kroach, Rabbi Katz, Rabbi Alon, Mr. Seidenfeld.
23 The Jewish burial society, located  at 54 Vine St.  Today’s United Hebrew Memorial Chapel is on 28 Ewen Rd.
24 Westdale
25 The Goldblatts, Hotzs, Hoffmans, Levys, Paikins, Waxmans, Rochwergs, and Morris Lax. 
26 Bessie Starkman. She is buried at the Ohev Tzedec cemetery on Upper James.
27 Chuck Matchen, Rainbow Shop, Fosters, Fay Jackson, Sherman Men’s Wear, Milli, Levinson Shoes, Lou Davidson, Modern Furs, Miller Shoes, Morgensterns, Leons, Marvin Caplan Apparel, Nadel Furs, to name some.
28 Hadassah, Na’amat (formerly Pioneer Women), National Council of Jewish Women, ORT, Emunah
29 Gloria Silverman; Cindy Richter
30 The B’nai Brith Sports Dinner was chaired by Jeff Paikin
31  JHamilton on 1605 Main St. W. Previous locations of what was known as the Hamilton Jewish Centre were loated on Vine St., John Street N., followed by the Jacob N. Goldblatt Jewish Community Centre on Delaware Avenue and later, Lower Lions Club Road in Ancaster.
31 Boleslavsky’s, Bill Cohen’s, Scott’s Delicatessen, The Haimishe, Switzer’s, Waxy’s 33  The Adas Israel cemetery on 575 Old York Rd. and Adas/Ohev Tsedek cemetery on 1224 Upper James St., Beth Jacob and Stanley Sobol cemeteries at 1250 and 1400 Snake Rd., Grand Order of Israel cemetery at 1250 Snake Rd., Temple Anshe Sholom cemetery at 427 Limeridge Rd. E.
34 The Maccabees
35 Eugene Levy, Caissie Levy, Steve Paikin, Lenny Blum, Danny Goldberg, Ariel Shaffir
36  Strubs