Shalom Village’s CEO a great listener who connects to staff and residents


June 2024
Helen Metz

Since taking on the position of Shalom Village CEO last year, Marianne Klein has had a major impact on both staff and residents.

I am a relatively new resident at Shalom Village and have found that Shalom Village is a happy place for so many people, much of it due to the leadership of Marianne Klein. Residents tell me that Klein is a wonderful listener, that she makes them feel recognized, acknowledged, appreciated and valued, and that she puts so much effort into knowing the identity of every resident and staff member. They appreciate her engaging with residents at supper, at events, and in the front lobby and value that Klein brings members of her family to Shalom Village events.

When I asked Klein to sum up her leadership philosophy,  she said,  “it takes a village to support the Village.”  She stresses the value of teamwork, of supporting staff in order to facilitate their supporting all the residents of Shalom Village and loves the involvement of families, the board and the foundation and the community at large.  “We are driven by knowing that we make a difference,” she said.

Klein believes in the need to be compassionate and kind and caring to all.  She gets inspiration by seeing the staff providing care to all the residents. Klein also holds dear the values of Shalom Village, that this is a place where everyone is welcome and has a sense of belonging.  She emphasizes the importance of listening and of developing trusting relationships.

Klein cherishes Shalom Village’s Jewishness which permeates the home in times of celebrations, mourning,  or the observance of traditions. She also loves how Shalom Village is accepting of  everyone’s differences.  She holds spirituality in high esteem and believes that there is always room to grow, no matter what our age or circumstance.  Klein says it’s an honour to work with the people at Shalom Village and that personal recognition is not important to her. 

“All the recognition I need is when I walk through the halls of Shalom Village and see the impact of the amazing care we provide,” she says.