I savoured every moment of the Jewish Film Festival

In 2016 I moved from Toronto to Hamilton to be closer to work. Since that time, one of my intentions has been to establish a connection to my new community, a process easier said than done during the past few years of the pandemic. This year, however, I have been enjoying participating in local arts programming and community events and was delighted to learn that Hamilton had a Jewish Film Festival. I had attended similar events when I lived in Toronto and was excited to experience the festival in Hamilton. This was my first time returning to a movie theatre since the pandemic, as well as my first time at the Westdale Cinema. I savored every moment of the festival, as I was greeted with warmth, observed the connectedness of the community, met new people, and enjoyed watching a program of four excellently curated, poignant, and thought-provoking films. I’m grateful for the coordination of this event, the community it fosters, and the promotion of arts and culture. I shared my experience with relatives and friends who look forward to attending the festival with me next year.

Michelle Skop
PhD, RSW, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Work,
Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus