Assertions not justified by fact or evidence

I write regarding the recent curious letter to IJN with the curious title "We must not stifle those who question Israel's policies." I say "curious" because neither the assertion in the title nor any assertions in the letter are justified by fact or evidence.

The writer tells us of her links to the "Hamilton Jewish community," of her deep discussions with her children ("all under 10 years old"), of her grandparents' escape from Naziism - as if these personal details somehow justify her personal opinions.

These opinions include the "endless plight of the Palestinian people" (as if they had no role in their "plight"), "our community's unconditional support for Israel" (really?), "systemic police brutality" (which police exactly?  "systemic"???), "Israel's violations of international human rights" (which ones exactly?  when?  where?).

She continues by telling us, in her small pathetic voice, that "I am not alone". Her supporters include IfNotNow (whose website tells us of "Israel's occupation") and Independent Jewish Voices (whose website tells us of "hopelessness and rage among Gazan youth" after the  "Israeli Bombardment of Gaza" with no mention of the prior launch of 4000+ Gazan rockets against israel).

She concludes her published letter criticizing Israel with a plea that the Jewish "community must not stifle" criticism of Israel. Well, if a letter such as this, reeking of special pleading, with no cogent argument or relevant facts, can be published, then, on this latter point at least, she has no complaint.

Yours sincerely,

W. F. Smyth