The feeling of home

July 2023
Pat Morden

A small group of wise people listening to their parents and friends in the late 1970s  turned what they heard into the reality that is  Shalom Village. Inspired by their loved ones’ desire to live life on their own terms, these community leaders worked towards building a trusted, welcoming home. Long before the notions of Equity, Diversity,  and Inclusion they were guided by a mission and values to create a Jewish home that welcomed people of all faiths and backgrounds.

That wisdom lives on today at Shalom Village, where we strive to help our residents, staff and visitors feel at home.  Despite the challenges of regulatory changes resulting from COVID-19, we have evolved, through focused leadership and commitment, into an organization which lives this vision today. 

As world views change and our interconnections increase, our ability to be a home for people from all cultural backgrounds has become increasingly complex.  But Shalom Village, with our long history of welcoming, is uniquely placed to find ways for people to live life on their own terms. 

Our assisted living apartments continue to provide seniors who don’t require nursing care with privacy, independence and all the comforts of home, while also providing access to a host of care, services and amenities.  Surrounded by natural beauty and close access to city life, our village has a vibrant internal landscape as well, including a café,  art studio, music studio, health club, all of which contribute to building relationships. A recent initiative with Westdale’s Branch Design, is giving people moving to Shalom a chance to add a personal touch to their new home. 

Our apartments’ wonderful staff continue to provide the assurance of a home that is flexible and responsive to our tenants’ changing needs over time, building confidence and connection with their unique warm caring, knowledge, and skill. We are home to many wonderful people enjoying our unique offering of independence with the choice of ready access to support and social interactions. 

We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to the help of the Hamilton Jewish Federation, we will be adding a Shalom Village balabusta to our team, who will be responsible for building relationships with our teams, residents, and families, so that all can find ways to flourish. Our balabusta, a Yiddish word meaning homemaker, will have a unique role in creating that sense of home for all who live and work here. We will be spending the next months looking for just the right person. 

At Shalom, we know that “home” is both a place and a feeling. We are working to help our residents feel at home in their bodies and spirits, which often requires more courage and new tricks. Deteriorating health can limit our capacity to find the right words and be independent in our daily activities. These complexities are why Shalom Village is here. We  can help you find your way around these life changes with meaning and connection. 

To commemorate June Seniors Month, our Club Fitness Centre offered free fitness assessments to encourage more seniors to experience the amazing side benefit of  increased physical fitness. 

Shalom’s streetscape is a friendly space to wander when days are long and you seek a bit of social connection, sit down with a jigsaw puzzle, answer emails in our café, shop in our Corner Store,  join a discussion group with our rabbi, sign up for an art class,  register for an activity, view an apartment, or have a meal.  you are welcome to explore  our home. You can do all of these things by registering  on our website or giving us a call. 

Shalom Village is a village within a community within a city.  A dream from long ago, still vibrant and caring today.