24 2022

Talking with Youth about Cannabis

7:00PM - 8:00PM  


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Designed specifically for adults involved in youths’ lives, “Talking With Youth About Cannabis” offers suggestions for parents, guardians, teachers or care providers in order to help guide discussions with youth in their lives about cannabis use, while sharing of resources available for the support of youth. Research suggests that lecturing and use of scare tactics is less effective at preventing youth from using substances and instead increases stigma surrounding the conversation. Instead, this presentation will provide participants with ideas on how to frame more open, youth-friendly and honest conversations with a focus on positive youth development.

Join us as we explore:

Reasons why we should speak with youth about cannabis
Risk and protective factors associated with cannabis use
Self-assessing one’s own perspective about cannabis and how that makes a difference when speaking with youth
Awareness of what goals we hope to achieve when speaking with youth about cannabis
The importance of appropriate, youth-friendly language, including terms to use and terms to avoid
Evidence-based information regarding youth and cannabis use to help inform discussions
Strategies to creating a safe and receptive environment
Common responses and points youth often contribute when discussing cannabis or when youth try to avoid these discussions, as well as constructive ways to respond to these points
Where to find additional resources, support and information regarding cannabis use, as well as services provided across Canada for youth regarding substance use and wellness

Sponsor: Hamilton Jewish Family Services