2 2021

JTalks Series of Zoom Talks

1:00PM - 3:00PM  

Presenter: Sammy Winemaker
Topic: Skills to ensure a better illness experience

Dr. Winemaker, a home-based palliative care physician, has cared for and interviewed thousands of patients and families as they faced death from a serious illness. She most often hears that patients and families feel overwhelmed, unprepared, and “in the dark” about what to expect next. Yet, some felt more prepared, in control, and “in the know.” What was the difference? She and her partner, Dr. Seow, uncovered 7 skills that led patients and families from an “in the dark” to “in the know” experience. The skills enabled people to be more hopeful and prepared. Most importantly, the skills are simple and actionable at any stage in the illness journey. Thus, the skills can support an early palliative approach to care and ultimately change the story line of the illness experience. The skills are applicable to health care professionals, patients and caregivers.