16 2021

Girls in Trouble: Lilith - Demoness or Heroine?

11:30AM - 1:00PM  

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Save the date for a new program series, Girls in Trouble, highlighting the often under-studied stories of powerful and influential girls and women of the Torah. In each lesson of this project by Jewish scholar Alicia Jo Rabins, participants are encouraged to engage with the Torah text alongside inspiring creative interpretations including music, art, midrash, and more. This curriculum brings Biblical women to life and highlights the ways in which their complicated lives can help us navigate our own. This is not a women's-only class, everyone is welcome!

Our first class will be on Miriam, led by Shira Kates on March 4; Hanna Schayer will teach Lilith on March 16th, and Judith Coret Simon will teach Sotah on April 15th.

This series has been generously sponsored in recognition of the 50th yahrzeit of Molly Richterz”l, by her sons Lorne, Ron, and Lowell.

No charge, but registration required- email