What it's like for kids like me

April 29, 2020
Hannah Cukier, 10 years old

I thought I would never say this, but I miss school! And you probably do too! (If you are a kid) If anyone would have told me a few months ago that this would happen, I would have just laughed. It is so crazy!! When I go on a walk with my family, whenever someone approaches, we have to cross the street. I have heard stories about people talking to one another and police approaching them and asking questions I never would have thought a police officer would ask like, “Do you live together?” etc. It is weird staying at home, when I would normally be with my friends at school. You should talk to your friends once in a while. This is for adults too! For me, there is this app on my mom’s phone that I use to video chat and text my friends!! This helps me not miss them so much.

Me and my brother are trying to do exercises every day because if this were normal, we would have been walking to school, doing gym, having recess, going to judo class. Kids are supposed to be doing physical stuff for one hour a day. Keep all this in mind! Stay strong!