Family is everything

June 2020
Michal Asulin

I stopped welcoming people into our home a week before Purim. I always had people over for Shabbat dinners and I like parties, but I told everyone, I’m sorry but my mother lives with us. 

For the first few weeks, my eldest, who is in high school, didn’t receive any homework and then he started to receive tons of homework.  His teachers  don’t Zoom with the kids,  so they just send them an email and he has to study by himself. It’s very hard for him.  My younger son has autism, is non verbal and very hyper. They closed all the parks, and the weather has been cold, so we try to do some homework, activities, baking , puzzles, whatever I can give him to do.  Every few days I would take him for a ride in the car, but we didn’t stop at Tim Hortons the way that we used to. I brought  snacks and drinks from my house, and we’d just drive just to see something out there.

My mother is not a very healthy person. She’s 79 and has dementia. But I love her, she’s my mom.  To wake up in the morning and see your mom next to you is a deep blessing. 

As long as everybody’s healthy, I have no complaints. I have my husband, my mom, my two kids. You don’t need more than your family. If  you have healthy relationships with your family,  not even the coronavirus can ruin it.