Beit Zoom

June 2020
Shlomit Acciaroli

My two Jack Tzus, Joanie and Zoe, make social isolation in my condo livable. They play with each other, bringing me toys, and beg to go into the long hallway, where they run up and down repeatedly to get their exercise.    
When my neighbourhood grocery store announced that a team member had tested positive, it meant having to go through the drive-through for testing and being relieved when the test was negative.

I look forward to coming home where various projects await me, such as sewing masks and contributing ideas for solutions to Ontario Together.  

Rabbi Cohen and Cantor Paula have adeptly adapted to restrictions by providing Zoom programming practically every day of the week, including Kabbalat Shabbat and Talking Torah.  Our Temple is now known as “Beit Zoom!”   I enjoy phoning friends on my contact list to let them know that TAS cares for them.